#proudlylokal: Uncang Tea

#proudlylokal: Uncang Tea

Go behind the scenes with our #proudlylokal series of posts and get to know more about the brands that we are proudly working with in conjunction with Merdeka month!

Uncang Tea is truly an inspiring brand that has started up from a local home here in Penang since 2018! Focusing on locally sourced ingredients and sustainable packaging for her products, founder Jenny Ho carries on and expands her brand to new heights. 

Without further ado, let's see what Jenny has to share!

JH: Jenny Ho
KK: Kommune Krew

Uncang Tea Founder, Jenny Ho

KK: Please tell us a little bit about who you are and how you started

JH: Uncang Tea Company was founded in Penang in 2018. Recipes were made in my home kitchen and using colour mixology I created beautiful tisanes for family and friends. The aesthetic beauty of these colourful tisanes is rather unique to Uncang Tea. I was encouraged by friends to start a tea business that represents both Penang and Malaysia.

KK: How does your brand carry the Malaysian #proudlylokal identity?

JH: Our local blends focus on locally sourced ingredients and sustainable packaging and our convenient take-home packs are not only bought by locals but also by tourists who take our teas back to their home countries as gifts. I’m very proud to be able to share our country's local healthy herb teas across the globe.

KK: What is your brand vision?

JH: I believe that Malaysia is rich with local resources and this image is not properly represented internationally. My brand vision is to have an internationally recognized brand that represents Malaysia’s natural resources especially our herbs.

KK: What keeps you going?

JH: It is knowing that I’m delivering something that is not only of excellent quality to my customers but also providing them with a product that is incredibly healthy. I’m committed to expanding the brand and I would ultimately like to give back to the community and contribute to environmental conservation.

KK: What are some of the most memorable moments in your journey?

JH: I started small and in my early days I often had to ask family and friends for help with my packaging for production. Enticing them with food and drinks (including lots of herbal teas!) I persuaded them to come over to my apartment to help me stick labels on my packing. This turned out to be an incredibly enjoyable and sociable activity for all. I still remember those fun days hanging out.

We are more than delighted to have Uncang Tea and Jenny sharing her insights with us here.

Be sure to check Uncang Tea's unique blends out, available on our Kommune online store, Kommune retail at The Habitat Penang Hill, or Uncang Tea's website!