#proudlylokal: Loka Made

Go behind the scenes with our #proudlylokal series of posts and get to know more about the brands that we are proudly working with in conjunction with Merdeka month!

In our final issue, we will take a look at people who bring imaginations to life! Staying true to their culture and background, Loka Made comes up with various creative products that reflect the Malaysian identity.

Let's delve deeper and get some insights from them!

LM: Loka Made
KK: Kommune Krew

Loka Made Co-Founders, Chong Fei Giap (Left), Audrey Chew (Right)

KK: Please tell us a little bit about who you are and how you started.

LM: Co-founded in 2015 by Chong Fei Giap and Audrey Chew, Loka Made is a creative brand that aspires to showcase Malaysian culture through art. Started with creating scenery illustrations for corporate clients like Petronas, Montblanc and Nestle, Loka Made then illustrate Malaysia through locally inspired postcard series, and souvenirs to lifestyle products - all evocative of a sentimental view of Malaysian culture.

KK: How does your brand carry the Malaysian #proudlylokal identity?

LM: Since 2014, Loka Made has embarked on a journey to craft an illustration that pays homage to Malaysia on its national day.

KK: What is your brand vision?

LM: We put the fun into seeing beyond the bits and pieces that make up Malaysia, rediscovering and re-assemble local elements by adding our own twist of fantasy and creative imagination.

KK: What keeps you going?

LM: We always try to explore new things and focused on portraying the interplay of old and new in Malaysia. It is the unique variety of Malaysian culture that we aspire to portray, that propels us forward.

KK: What are some of the most memorable moments in your journey?

LM: Whenever our customers or fans open up about how our illustration resonates with their feelings and viewpoints, it reminds us that an illustration holds more significance than meets the eye. It carries a deeper purpose and prompting individuals to delve into their inner sentiments. Each time we're graced with such earnest feedback, it is our constant source of motivation, reaffirming our passion for our creative journey.

That's it folks, for our short section with Loka Made, which we really appreciate!

Check out Loka Made's products at our Kommune retail store at The Habitat Penang Hill or their website!