About Us

The concept behind KOMMUNE emerged from the recognition that individual efforts to do good and feel good can only achieve so much. However, when a group of individuals comes together, the potential for positive impact becomes almost limitless. We firmly believe that when one experiences the joy of doing good, there is a natural inclination to share and extend that effect to others. This sentiment forms the core of our philosophy.

At KOMMUNE, we meticulously curate products and experiences tailored for conscious individuals who embrace a mindful lifestyle. From the sourcing of ingredients to the design of our packaging, we are committed to minimizing our carbon footprint. Each item we offer is something we personally endorse because we genuinely believe in their value. Our dedication to the environment stems from our profound appreciation for the immense benefits it has bestowed upon us and continues to bestow.

KOMMUNE is a lifestyle Retail and FnB brand for The Habitat Group. By supporting us through your purchases,
you contribute directly to The Habitat Foundation, a non-profit organization linked to The Habitat Penang Hill. The Foundation utilizes its proceeds to fund innovative community, environmental, and conservation initiatives in Pulau Pinang, Malaysia, and beyond. Every transaction with KOMMUNE thus becomes a meaningful step towards creating a better future for both people and
the planet.

Our Manifesto

We are not eternal optimists but we are addicted to hope. Hope for a healing environment, a brighter future and a forward thinking generation. To be alive is a blessing but we will not be here for an eternity. While we are here, we take care of what we have. The land that we live off from needs our care as well for our future generations to thrive in it.

A person’s desire must not overshadow their needs. But one person cannot do it alone. It is the act of coming together that one achieves more. It is when the 'I’ becomes the ‘We’.

This is where we KOMMUNE.